Process + Chemical Engineering

The Process Engineering Department at Hargrove Engineers + Constructors consists of chemical engineers with a strong background in process design and industrial operations. We have a broad experience base in the areas of chemicals production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, waste treatment, environmental, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

From feasibility studies to operations and maintenance, we customize our services to meet your specific business and project needs. Our areas of expertise include process design engineering, conceptual design, project scope development, process simulation, equipment specification, environmental compliance, PFD/P&ID development, process start-up, and equipment optimization.

With career experience in both design and operations, our process engineers can develop and evaluate options to meet your needs and specifications in a cost effective manner.

  • Process Design
    • Feasibility and FEED Studies
    • Basic Engineering Design Packages
    • Complete Detailed Designs -- Grass-roots and expansions
    • Calculations
    • Economic Analysis
    • Energy & Material Balances
    • PFD and P&ID Development
  • Process Simulation & Modeling
    • Pro/II
    • AspenPlus
  • Pressure Relief Device Sizing and Validation
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Process Equipment
    • Data Sheets
    • Sizing and Specifications
    • Technical Bid Tabulations
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Vent and Flare Header Analysis
  • Process Safety Management
    • PHA / HAZOP Facilitation
    • P&ID Verification
    • Procedure Writing
    • Program Development
  • In-Plant Support
    • Process and Equipment Troubleshooting
    • Optimization Studies
    • Plant Operations Support
    • Turnaround and Start-up Support
    • Maintenance Technology
  • Environmental
    • Permitting
    • Compliance
    • Environmental Investigations & Analysis
    • Remediation
    • Water Quality Management