About Us
Hargrove Teammates are required to fill out a Job Hazard Analysis to identify safety concerns, PPE requirements, and required permits/procedures for each task.


Hargrove’s safety culture protects and promotes the well-being of every person who works with us and every person touched by our work. For Hargrove, our philosophy is not only to comply with all safety and environmental rules and regulations but to set the standard by working safely on-site and off. Hargrove Teammates have the permission and the expectation to point out unsafe practices, even when at a client’s facility. We operate as a Team to create workplaces that are healthful and free from all incident and injury.

Hargrove offers Industrial Hygiene and Safety services such as on-site assessments, training, and support to enhance the safety programs of its clients. Hargrove’s Industrial Hygiene, Safety, and Environmental team includes advanced-degreed, certified, and experienced professionals.

Our award-winning safety performance reflects the care and awareness of our employees to their own safety and the safety of our partners and customers.