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Naphtha Splitter Column Installation Refinery


At Hargrove, “What we build best are relationships®.” Hargrove Engineers + Constructors is proud to have relationships with a diverse customer base across multiple industries. We are favored by a high percentage of repeat business, with over 70% of our workload awarded to us through existing long-term support contracts. Many client relationships have lasted the entire history of the firm.

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors has completed a number of significant expansion, brownfield, and retrofit projects. We also specialize in executing small projects with the quality, team speed, and value that our clients deserve. Our customers count on Hargrove to provide the technical resources they need when they need them.

Example Projects

  • 34 Mega Watt Turbine Generator
  • Chemical Pilot Plant Grassroots Facility
  • Multiple Specialty Chemical Major Plant Expansions
  • Bleach Plant Optimization & Upgrades
  • Multiple Emissions Reduction Projects
  • Recovery Boiler Conversion to Gas Fired Power Boiler
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Recycled Fiber Facility
  • Spiral Weld Pipe Mill
  • Refinery Crude 1 Deep Cut
  • Greenfield Gas Plant Energy Center
  • Steel Mill Cold Rolling Works Greenfield Installation
  • Power Plant Arc Flash/Power System Studies
  • Refinery Load Shed Systems, Thermal Oxidizer, and Distillation Systems
  • Multiple Refinery Flare Projects
  • 65,000 Square Feet Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Batch Process Plant Automation Upgrades