About Us
Acid Plant Converter Heater Replacement
Feasibility Study, Front-End Design, Detailed Design and Construction Support


right people

We provide the support needed to plan, design, build and maintain the sophisticated facilities which furnish our energy and manufacture the products that enhance our lives. Many of our Teammates have years of experience operating and maintaining plants in the chemical, paper, power, petroleum, heavy manufacturing, and marine industries. Our people are right for the job.

right place

We serve our clients in the way that makes the most sense to them. Whether we function in a multi-discipline project task force in one of our offices, in an on-site support role, or in managing a complex construction project, we bring the same passion for service. Our strategy is simple: Be local and be the best.

right time

To be an effective partner in industry, we must respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs. We understand the relationship between time and money and that the solution is only “right” when it’s on time. It’s what we call “Team Speed.”

What we build best are relationships. We are Hargrove Engineers + Constructors.